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Complaint Status


At SAS Online, we prioritize client satisfaction and transparency. If at any point in time, a client wishes to raise a complaint or express concerns regarding any issue, we have established a process to address them promptly. We assure you that we will make every effort to resolve your query or complaint within 24 working hours. Here's the process:

1. lodge complaint: The client can initiate a complaint at Support@sasonline.in

2. Complaint registration: The complaint is recorded in our centralized system with the relevant details, including customer information, complaint nature, date, and time, are documented digitaly.

3. Initial acknowledgment: The client will receive an initial acknowledgment of their complaint with Unique Ticket No. This acknowledgment will be automated through an email, informing the customer that their complaint has been received.

4. Investigation and evaluation: The complaint is assigned to the appropriate department or individual responsible for addressing the specific issue. They thoroughly investigate the complaint, gather relevant information, and evaluate its validity.

  • complaint Turn Around Time (TAT) will be as Follows (Based on the investigation, the responsible party attempts to resolve the complaint)

Nature Of Complaint


Charges Complaint

4 Hours

Technical Issue (Client specific)

2 Hours

RMS/Order Rejection

30 Minutes

DP Account Query

4 Hours

Genral Customer Complaint

4 Hours

5. Complaint Status- The client can check the complaint status by providing unique Ticket no.  via phone (011-40409999), email (support@sasonline.in), website Chat (www.sasonline.in), or in person (Address).

6. Resolution and closure: Once a resolution is reached, the client is informed and asked for their confirmation or feedback regarding the resolution. If the customer is satisfied, the complaint is considered resolved, and the case is closed.

7. Escalation if required: If the client complaint cannot be resolved at the initial level, it may be escalated to a higher authority or specialized team for further investigation and resolution. The escalation process ensures that more experienced or senior personnel review the complaint.

Details of

Contact Person


Contact No/Working hours

Email Id

Customer care

Mr. Kundan

3rd Floor Rishabh vihar Karkarduma-110092


011-40409999 /(Mon-Fri

9 am to 5:00 pm -Sat 10 am to 2:30 pm)


Head of Customer Care


Mr.Mohit Paliwal


3rd Floor Rishabh vihar Karkarduma-110092


011-47377223/(Mon-Fri 9am to 5:00 pm-Sat 10am to 2:30 pm)


Compliance Officer


Mr.R.K Jain

3rd Floor Rishab vihar Karkarduma-110092



9am to 5:00 pm- Sat 10amto 2:30 pm)



Mr, Shrey Jain

3rd Floor Rishabh vihar Karkarduma-110092

01147377201/(Mon-Fri 9am

to 5:00 pm-Sat 10am to2:30 pm)


8. Continuous communication: Throughout the process, regular updates are provided to the client, keeping them informed of the progress and any steps taken to address their complaint. Open communication helps manage customer expectations.

9. Feedback loop: On closer of the complaint Ticket client will receive a system-generated mail mentioning that issue has been resolved along with a Feedback survey on client experience (1. Awsome.2. Average.3. Below Average).

10. Quality assurance: The complaint resolution process at SAS Online is reviewed every week to identify areas for improvement. Data on complaint types, resolution time, and customer feedback is analyzed to make necessary changes to prevent similar issues in the future.

Escalation matrix