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Changes in Margin Policy at SAS Online From Jan 17th 2022

SEBI has come out with Segregation of collateral at client level to minimize risk with respect to client funds lying with the Broker.

Based on above said circular we need to make a few changes in order to be compliant w.e.f 17th Jan 2022, kindly refer this LINK for detailed information.


Alpha API and ALGO Trading via Tradetron

1. Alpha APIs are now LIVE and users can connect to SAS platforms for automated or Algo Trading. Algo trading is where trading signals are generated automatically and based on that trades are executed without human intervention.

2. Tradetron- We have integrated with Tradetron. Tradetron is an Algo Strategy marketplace that allows people to create Algo strategies using state of the art, patent-pending, web-based strategy builder or choose from so many various Algo Strategies already listed by developers. 

Kindly refer to this LINK for FAQ on Algo Trading via Tradetron. 

FNO Margin Calculator

Margin Calculator Is a simplified calculator that helps you to calculate comprehensive SPAN margin requirements for F&O strategies while trading in currency, commodity, and F&O before you proceed with your trade.

Kindly refer to this LINK for the Margin calculator 


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