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How To Transfer Shares Offline ?

  • Published: Thursday, 15 October 2020

If you want to transfer shares to any other 3rd party Demat account, the Off-market transfer is a way of transferring shares from your SAS Demat account to any other Demat account which you may have with some other broker through the off-market route. Off-market transfer can be used to gift shares to family members, to carry out bulk deals between institutions, and others.


Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps for off market share transfer from SAS Demat account to any other 3rd party Demat account


  1. Download the attached DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) requisition form and Target beneficiary details Annexure form, take a printout and fill the form & send us a hard copy at our office address.
  2. Once we will receive your DIS requisition form, will send the DIS booklet to your registered residential address after mandate checks.
  3. After receiving the DIS booklet, you need to fill the DIS slip and send us back. (for your reference sample filled DIS attached below).
  4. After receiving your DIS slip we will initiate your share transfer request. 
  5. Once your request is initiated by the SAS team you will receive an Email & SMS for approval From NSDL, kindly authorize your off-market share transfer request



  1. Please make sure to fill in share transfer reason (Gift, donation, transfer to own account) list of reasons is available on the DIS booklet front page. 
  2. Off  Market / Interdepository Transaction – Rs.30 per Instruction or 0.03% of Transaction Value whichever is higher

DIS Request Form >
Sample DIS Form >

Target beneficiary Annexure form >