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What are the benefits of opening a demat account with SAS Online ?

  • Published: Thursday, 15 October 2020

Our venturing into Demat is an attempt to offer competitive rates and prompt service to our customers and help them economize on their stock market transaction costs.

Kindly note that if you link a third party Demat account with us, then you will be required to pay Demat charges of Rs.15/- (+18% GST) twice, once when shares are transferred to your SAS Account and secondly when you will sell those shares through SAS, but when you will have SAS Demat account linked with your trading account, then you will be charged Demat charges only once when you will sell those shares.

So, by having a Demat account with us saves you the hassle of transferring shares every time you want to sell as these shares will be automatically adjusted from your Demat account by making your trading experience more economical.

Moreover, you can avail of collateral benefits against your shares after pledging your holdings via SAS Demat Account.