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Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP)

  • Published: Thursday, 15 September 2022

In accordance with the new exchange circular on Implementation of Two Factor Authentication, it is mandatory to have 2 levels of Authentication going forward. 

1. Knowledge Factors like Password, PIN - Already present in the current system
2. Possession Factors like OTP, Authenticator apps, Security tokens via Biometric

For the possession Factor TOTP has been introduced on web & desktop traders (Bio Metric login for Mobile App)  

TOTP stands for Time-Based One-Time Password. It is a standardized method for generating a regularly changing password.TOTP Authenticator allows you to quickly and easily protect your accounts by adding 2-factor authentication (2FA). These apps bring together best-in-class security practices and a seamless user experience together.

This app generates one-time tokens on your device which are used in combination with your password. This helps to protect your accounts from hackers, making your security bulletproof. Just scan the QR code provided on your trader and you're good to go!

A Few of commonly used Authenticator Apps are given below

Google Authenticator is available on Google Play Store
Microsoft  Authenticator is available on the Google Play store
Authy is available on the Google Play store