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Alpha API and SAS Online API Bridge

  • Published: Thursday, 22 September 2022

APIs ( Application Programming Interfaces ) are used for algo trading. Algo trading is where trading signals are generated automatically and based on that trades are executed without human intervention. Further users can build their own trading systems via SAS Online API’s. 

Alpha API is a simple set of calls built upon our web trading platform (Alpha Web). It enables users to get information like funds, profile, orders, positions along with option to place/modify orders from the interface of user's choice. Built especially for market participants looking for a personalized trading experience using innovative features.

Alpha API supports Python, JavaScript and Jason.

How to get started with Alpha API?

You need to have an account with SAS Online if you don’t already have one can open one here. Then drop a mail at to get access to api, post access granted you can start trading from your own trading platform.

What are the charges for Alpha API?

Alpha API is free of charge and we intend to keep it in such a way to enhance the ecosystem of API-based trading in India.

For API Documentation click here 

SAS API Bridge

SAS API Bridge- API Bridge is a Gateway to ALGO trading via Trading View, Excel, MT4, Amibroker, C#.Check out the product HERE. and Sign up for Paper Trading from HERE  to test your trading strategies using virtual money in a real-time environment post that you can go live.