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✌️ Two things we take seriously at SASOnline - Shares and Sharing!

  • Thursday, 20 July 2023
✌️ Two things we take seriously at SASOnline - Shares and Sharing!

We have had no voluntary attrition in last 3 years. Here is why

✌️ Two things we take seriously at SAS Online - Shares and Sharing!

With the boss-employee culture being too passé nowadays, we believe in the power of sharing success. Quiet literally! We share our profits with every employee at each level!

In this journey of growth, we realized the immense value of accountability, belongingness, and a motivated workforce. That's why a portion of our profits are distributed among our dedicated team members. It's not just about financial rewards; it's about fostering a sense of ownership and collective responsibility.

What do we stand to gain?

  • Our attrition rates are nearly zero! People find a way to stick around even if there are compelling personal factors.
  • A happy team begets happy clients begets more profits. It’s almost like a wellness cycle!
  • Collective decision-making and active implementation are almost automated. Ideas are not ideas, they are a brainchild treated with care till it’s ready to leave the nest!

Still tough to believe?

Meet our teammate Amit. He is set to get 45% of his annual payout as a bonus, thanks to his tireless efforts in ensuring all our teams get their work done seamlessly.



  1. Sharat
    Excellent work. Wish you become the no.1 equity broker in the country
    July 22, 2023 at 07:23pm
  2. Asif
    This is really nice.. Keep it up.
    July 25, 2023 at 11:33am

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