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Market corrections are good for Business ?

  • Thursday, 21 July 2022
Market corrections are good for Business ?

By Shrey Jain (Founder & CEO)    

Market corrections are good for Business ?!

We at SAS Online are focused mostly on PRO Traders. Our clientele consists of intraday/positional traders who trade in both up and down market scenarios. This may be due to our no-frills trading platforms along with trader-friendly RMS policies or unique pricing of 999 per month along with active client support or for some users our value-added products like MTF, Stock+. Despite markets correcting and brokerages seeing a drop in revenues and turnovers to the extent of 30%, we have managed to clock the highest turnover till date in JUNE 2022 thanks to our trader clients.

Further, we have been very conservative in the way we have grown the business and thanks to our clients we have managed to grow organically over the past 9 years without spending a dime on marketing. However we have been told time and again by many users that though our services are good, not many people are aware that we exist and we must go out there and spread the word. Given the startup frenzy seems to have settled down, we feel it's a great time for serious players to expand their market reach and build a solid business. Ad budgets across categories have normalized and become more realistic thus reducing the demand-supply gap. Media agencies, Branding firms and Influencers have become more reasonable with their compensation and timelines. Not to forget salaries for new Hires across domains like Technology, Risk Management, Sales and Back Office which had become somewhat unsustainable have become more reasonable.

In the coming months, we plan to come out with specifically targeted campaigns for awareness of our brand amongst Traders. We are also working on our new trading platform Alpha PRO and expanding the team across verticals for our next phase of growth.


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