Introduction of T+1 rolling settlement

  • Monday, 10 October 2022

This is to inform you that the current settlement cycle for equity is T+2 days. But in 2021, SEBI announced the introduction of T+1 rolling settlement in a phased manner. 

From 25th February 2022 onwards exchanges have been migrating stocks to T+1 settlement in a phased manner starting with stocks with the lowest market caps.

Due to a change in the settlement cycle, any of those stocks which shifted to T+1 settlement and bought on shifting day will not be available for selling on the next day and these holdings will not be visible on the trading platform on T+1 day. They will be settled by the exchange as per the old T+2 settlement cycle and will be available for selling on T+2 working days. 

For more clarification, you can refer to the SEBI circular from this Link.