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  • Hi Mahesh,
    Thanks for taking the time to write.

  • What if broker takes out shares from DMAT account without client’s sell order?

    • Hi,
      Broker cannot keep shares in pool account for more than 24 hours so shares are taken for Demat only in case client sells those shares.

  • provide me detaills for account opening and charges with benifits. vps is available and can be hooked up. if smone open account under my mapping what is benifit to me

    • Hi Rajiv,
      Thanks for the time for comment. You can drop an email to us at

  • What if broker takes out / sell shares from DMAT account without client’s sell order? In POA contract there is no where mention that order to sell will be recorded on recorded lines if broker sells the share.

    • Hi Manu,
      If broker do sell the shares, Client will get the confirmation by end of the day via contract notes. Clients can check also. If you have access to back office portal, You can login and check anytime.
      All our client’s trades are done from there end only so there won’t be any issue further if any client calls on our number all calls are recorded.

  • Buy Viagra 25 mg in Charleston South Carolina, Buy Viagra online in Hampton Virginia

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