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Why should you start ELSS from April itself?

Why start ELSS from April itself?

Tax is on my mind

Tax is in my soul

Tax is in my life

I am just taxing on.

Every taxpayer goes through this during the last quarter of the financial year. Sudden decisions are made without proper planning. To save tax becomes the objective for investing.A lump sum amount is then invested in the Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS). When the Rs 1.5 lakh eligible for deduction is allocated to different asset classes, you heave a sigh of relief. But there is a problem with this method. read more…

The Ultimate guide Of Corporate Action – Bonus / Split / Rights Issue

Corporate Action – Bonus / Split / Rights Issue

Investors frequently come across terms such as bonus, stock splits and right issues. All these are examples of what we call corporate actions. These are simply actions taken by a company once agreed upon by its board of directors and then authorised by its shareholders. All such actions have announcement date, ex-date, and record date.

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