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How Interest will be calculated ?

  • Published: Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Traders in PRO Plan will receive interest on the Margin in Trading Account based on the following criterion

1. We will consider the HDFC Bank Interest Rate slab for calculation 

2. We receive interest on capital lying in the bank/clearing member for a minimum period of 1 month so the Minimum EOD balance in the Trading account over the whole month would be considered.

3. Interest will be credited in the Trading account at the beginning of the next month

4. Future and options traders will get interest on margin blocked in trading account as the balance still remains in ledger

5. 10% TDS will be deducted 


Assuming that the below-given ledger is showing your EOD balance for the month  

Now, the minimum balance maintained in this month is 30445884.40 & HDFC bank interest is 3.75% PA  so you will get an Intrest of Rs.96968.06 for the Month.