Stamp Duty

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Fellow Traders

Implemented Stamp Duty to be charged as per the state you are residing in for the following states:

1. Gujarat, Kerala, Delhi, Maharashtra & Rajasthan (0.002% for Intraday Cash, Future, Currency / .01% for Delivery)

2. Karnataka & Goa (0.01%, max Rs. 50 per contract)

3. Tamil Nadu (0.006%)

4. Andhra Pradesh & Orrisa (0.005%, max Rs. 50 per contract)

5. Himachal Pradesh & Haryana (0.003%, max Rs. 30 per contract)

6. Meghalaya  & Arunachal Pradesh  (0.04%, max Rs. 40 per contract)

7. Assam (0.018%, max Rs. 49.5 per contract)

Stamp Duty for all other states will be charged as per Delhi Stamp Duty for now.

You can also check the updated charges (without the stamp duty) in our Brokerage Calculator.


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